Hire developers

Hire developers

Hire dedicated developers

Looking for a lone techie savvy, or a team of dedicated developers for your next big thing? The versatile team of skilled developers, programmers, engineers and coders at Professional Soft-Tech are ready to work exclusively for your project.

Get the right team

Hire techies who are ready to sharpen their skills, adapt to latest technologies and expand their experience. Check out all the experts listed below, discuss your requirements and we will help you hire the right team at the best bargain.

  • Web designers and developers:

    For all front-end, back-end, web designing and web development tasks

  • Mobile app developers:

    For Android, iOS and cross platform app development requirements

  • Designing experts:

    For pixel-perfect UI UX designing using CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap and more

  • Email marketing experts:

    To boost your email campaigns with best email template designing and development

  • Optimization experts:

    More than just SEO, we can offer all-dimensional optimization for every digital platform you might be working with

  • Project management and administration:

    To let us taking over your project, manage every detail and make it a grand success

People trust people more than brands

Why hire Professional developers?

The answer is in the question – Professional matters. Freelancers could be the first thought for outsourcing services, but the hassle could affect your business flow. There could be nothing better than hiring an individual or team of dedicated developers from a trusted company like Professional Soft-Tech, working exclusively for your firm. You can pick the perfect developer with the exact skillsets and technical expertise your project needs.

  • Motivated professionals:

    We are backed with a team of highly qualified professionals, ready to deliver dedicated the best in forte services.

  • Advanced infrastructure:

    Parallel to the skills, our developers are equipped with the latest tools, software and infrastructure.

  • Flexibility:

    PHave total access about how the developer you hired is working on your project, and get daily updates to monitor and control progress.

  • Secure procedures:

    From development to payments, we respect security and offer complete protection through a secured development environment.

  • Account management:

    Error-free account management, recording all monetary updates and ready to access any time.

  • Cost savings:

    Pay only for what you need. Pick the perfect fit, and save any unnecessary spending. Also, we have no hidden costs and overhead blockings.

Select the perfect option

Every project calls for unique requirements. Turn to Professional Soft-Tech and get ready to assemble the best suitable program.

Full Time Developer

Full time hiring


8 hours/day, 5 days/week



Minimum period

One month


Email, Skype

Part Time Developer

Part-time hiring


4 hours/day, 5 days/week



Minimum period

One month


Email, Skype

Hourly Basis Developer

Hourly Hiring


As per need




Email, Skype

Need our consultation?

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Your goals, objectives and challenges
Research and Analysis
Brainstorming and Examining
Piloting the plan
Identifying project resources
Show time
Getting ready for implementation

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