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Whether it is a nickel-and-dime business, or a prodigious multinational firm - our flexible work model gives us the liberty to place top of the line professionals around your project. Here are the industries that we serve, but not necessarily the only ones we would work with.

Education / eLearning
We design e-learning solutions that transform learning system for schools, colleges and educational institutions - making educational a little more beer and skittles.
Human resource management (HRM) is a tricky business, and we know it; but efficient recruitment solutions detangle the Gordian knot of hiring (or even firing).
Real Estate
Real estate calls for real solutions for property dealers, builders or agents to efficiently connect with clients, and seal every deal that comes along the way.
Modernizing the medical sector, we bring end-to-end digital healthcare solutions for doctors, hospitals or even pharmaceuticals.
Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service providers or home-businesses – everyone needs a solid but fluid online store that breaks all sales records.
Social Networking
Trendsetter social networking websites and apps are our favourites, perhaps your new ideas and our skills can cook up the next Facebook, or even better.
Innovative web and app solutions serving all the needs of the entire travel and hospitality spectrum including - hotels, flights, travel and restaurants.
Logistic apps and tools, adding extra jets to the flight couriers through the power of computers to real-life logistic streamlines.
We have a soft-corner for startups, for we give that final nudge to new ventures and watch them grow through best-in-breed websites and mobile apps.

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